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27 July, 2017
Crossfit Badalona
27 July, 2017

Crossfit LCS

This industrial building in the Les Corts area of Barcelona, which had formerly been used as a car repair garage, gave us a chance to design one of the most attractive boxes in the country: Crossfit LCS.

At the far end of the property we built an old-brick wall which, combined with the corporate neon sign, gives the box a powerful urban look that no other box can match.

For the reception area we designed a counter made of solid varnished pinewood with an aged, burnt look. The combination of this counter with the old-concrete-style wallpaper behind it gives the whole area the feel of a repair garage rather than a box. We kept the rails formerly used to move engines and the old beams, and painted them all lime green.

Lighting plays a key role in all our projects. Here we used a warm 3000-k lighting, which gives users the feeling of being in a shop rather than a training box.