Crossfit Badalona
27 July, 2017
Area Crossfit
27 July, 2017

Fittest Freakest

We designed Fittest Freakest in a stunning property located in the Eixample area of Barcelona, with a clear aim in mind: to set the benchmark for crossfit and training equipment stores across the world. An ambitious goal, no doubt, and one that we successfully accomplished ☺

Building on the property’s industrial identity, with high ceilings and spectacular arches, we divided the premises into three areas, for crossfit equipment, specialist nutrition, and training.

We therefore designed two separate stores, and used the decoration materials as a unifying element to provide consistency between them without undoing their individual identities. In the nutrition store, untreated pinewood and honeycombs combined with black iron tubes and a polygonal counter create a natural, authentic feel.

In the equipment store area we used the same materials but changed the furniture design to increase versatility. Details such as changing-colour LED strips along the skirting boards and fitting rooms that look like packing boxes delivered all the personality the store needed.

In the 60-sqm training area we recreated a mini-box with Premium competition equipment. This can be used for talks, exhibitions and even mini-championships, such as Freakest Challenge, which has already gained nationwide popularity in Spain.

The whole property is scattered with our trademark details, starting at the main entrance, which is fitted with a weight-lifter-bar handle. Fittest Freakest is currently Europe’s leading crossfit equipment store, hands down.