19 October, 2017
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27 July, 2017

Alpha Link Crossfit

Our instructions for this project were short and simple: “We want to make sure the people who come to this box won’t want to leave.”

The wish was granted. Alpha Link Crossfit box has an "old school gym” feel about it that hits you the moment you walk in. It is located in an old car park that was full of personality, something we were able to utilise to its full potential in the design. By using sturdy, no-nonsense materials, such as pine plywood and varnished raw iron with exposed welding, we gave the box an authentic flavour that few places can boast.

As soon as you see the American-loft-style quartered front of the building, with its corporate orange neon sign, you know where you are. On entering, you are welcomed by the motto “Stronger Than Yesterday”. Other motivational messages are displayed at different points in the room.

We felt this box really needed beautiful, stylishly industrial changing rooms, with custom furniture, lighting that “washes” down to the floor, and indirectly backlit mirrors. As you head towards the changing rooms, the corridor becomes completely enveloped by a blue light, as if you were entering a dressing room on a movie set. You're the star. You’re performing ... on today’s WOD!

The social area upstairs is another highlight. It features a couch, a dining area complete with sink, lockers, and even a darts game that keeps you glued to the place when you’ve finished your WOD. When you do decide to leave, you can either go down the stairs or use the fire station pole. Mission accomplished!