Alpha Link Crossfit
27 July, 2017
Crossfit LCS
27 July, 2017

Styling Surf, Skate, Snow & Life

The expanding brand Styling Surf, Skate, Snow & Life hired us to design and build their new store in Vitoria, in the Basque country.

For their eighth retail outlet, Spain's oldest and best surfboard manufacturer – who have 30 years’ market experience – wanted a more genuine, rawer image, without losing any of the flair that emanates from their products. We opted for natural, sturdy materials, such as aged pinewood and concrete on the walls.

The ceilings of the 300-square metre premises, located in the Boulevard shopping centre, were dented and uneven. We left them fully open, painted with lighted boxlights and brand images of surfers and skaters.

The main challenge here was designing a consistent, edgy store based on a solid concept. We wanted to create a feeling of thrill and excitement, which are surfers’ and skaters’ prime values. We achieved it to perfection. –