We’re designers and athletes.
We help you build your Box or your functional training space.

We’re expert gym and cross training box designers

We started practising functional training after many years designing and building sports stores across the world. As athletes and designers, we realised there is plenty to be done in the world of functional training. And lots of stories to be told too.

Our experience and expertise designing sports stores and the top boxes in the country means we can make the process of opening your functional or Cross Training training space a whole lot easier for you. So you can focus on what really matters – putting a great activity programme together and looking after your customers, to help them progress and prevent injuries. You can leave everything else to us.

Why choose Project Box?


All our projects are turnkey. This means we deal with all the red tape needed to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Plus, you get top workmanship and cost-effectiveness. We know how important it is to make sure your business is fully functional from day one. Our fast-paced operation keeps you updated at all times about the progress of your project.

We're athletes

As passionate athletes, we know exactly what your training space needs: A usable, visually stunning design to maximice motivation in every WOD. Purpose-built furniture to store training material (kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes, power bands, etc.) and keep a tidy workout area. We know how important it is to have clean, tidy training facilities.

We take care of
the details

We know that creating a cross training box involves much more than designing the training area and changing rooms. A common area where athletes can mingle and have a bite together after their workout. A space where athletes can safely leave their bikes and skateboards. A vending area ... And you can be sure that all our designs are made to last.


We have more than 20 years’ experience designing and building retail spaces. We create businesses that pay off from day one. We’re your architects, your interior decorators and your construction managers. As expert store creators, we will help you through the entire process efficiently and cost-effectively.


We are supported by two first-class partners: TRIBEKA develops the design and ANGER does the construction work.